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It all began in Thailand

    Thai Styled Eating ordinarily involves a group of people such as family members, closed friends or business acquainted, setting together on the table and enjoying good meal simply for happiness and celebration. A traditional Thai meal consists of a variety of dishes each being prepared with a combination of distinctive and rich taste of sweetness, sour, salty and spicy. Nearly if not all, Thai dishes are most likely to be eaten with rice. However, according to Thai lifestyle and eating manner, there are no rigid rules or restrictions of what goes with what. All dishes are usually served at the same time, unlike the Western style of which a meal is composed of series of separate courses.

    We, the management and the kitchen staff are Thai who are proud to prepare and present to our guests the authentic Thai cuisine originated from the "Land of Smiles". We hope that you enjoy our cooking as all food is prepared fresh daily to meet your exquisite taste. And, we do also hope that you and yours would appreciate our world renowned "Thai hospitality".

Welcome to Little Bangkok Thai Cuisine, the Real Thai food in Markham. We thank you very much for visiting our restaurant and sincerely hope that your meal will be a memorable one.

    Once again, our management and chef are Thai and we do take great pride in presenting you authentic food from the "Land of Smiles."

    Our food is uniquely and authentically prepared to stimulate all of your taste buds and to meet your exquisite taste. We're specialized in Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, Chicken Cashew Nuts, Mango Salad and MUCH MUCH MORE.

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